Our first scan.

If you’re expecting or have had a baby then you know how anxious waiting for the first scan is. You’re too early to feel movements or hear a heartbeat so the not knowing if your tiny little baby is doing well makes you totally on edge. Our first scan was September 23rd 2017 , considering we found out were expecting on August 11th it felt like a lifetime until the scan.

The end of September was busy for us as we went on holiday 6 days after we first saw Blue. On the morning of the scan I was a nervous wreck , worrying about if the baby is well, having the screening test ,if baby is still alive etc etc . As a first time mum you never know what’s normal which adds to the anxiety, I mean that probably last until your child is 18.

For me having to have a full bladder was difficult because I used to be a terrible drinker but I managed to down enough water to make the scan visible. When we got to the hospital I saw a midwife who spoke about the screening test which is a blood test to see if baby has Down’s ,Edwards’ and Patau’s syndromes. Personally for us we chose not to have the screening test done because either way we would have continued with the pregnancy no matter what the outcome.

After seeing the midwife we had to wait to be called into the room where the scan takes place. For our first scan it was the two of us and my mum in the room to explain things to us of needed. Once on the bed the lady put the freezing cold jelly on my belly and started the scan, turns out we had a little acrobat at that stage. The tiny little foetus was doing a head stand which made getting measurements a challenge .

I was sent off to try wake baby and get him to change positions, which while you have a full bladder isn’t fun at all. After half and hour we went back into the scanning room and tried to measure again … No luck baby was still doing a headstand so a rough measurement of 12 weeks was made. We got some very clear pictures and went to wait in the waiting room.

Now measurements are important in pregnancy so we had to have an extra scan at 15 weeks which meant we only had to wait 3 weeks before seeing Blue again. Since this first scan I was convinced we were having a boy , no doubt about it. It’s the most amazing feeling in the world seeing your little baby for the first time , it’s emotional but in a good way. It’s one memory i will keep forever.

My advice to all expecting mums if you haven’t had your first scan is no matter how terrible the pictures are, get some! If you don’t then you will regret it .

Blue’s Mummy.

Little acrobat.

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