Those Two Blue Lines….

It’s safe to say the day I found out I was pregnant came as a huge shock, Blue wasn’t planned and I had actually had a conversation with my partner about not having a baby until I was at least 25 just a week before I did the test . The shock of it hit us hard but when we sit and think about it all the signs were there….. let me rewind a bit.

At the end of July 2017 I started feeling ill which is quite unusual for me , I was constantly getting headaches, feeling nauseous, getting dizzy and just generally not feeling too great. I thought nothing of it and put it down to a cold or a bug etc. It lasted about two weeks and then I felt absolutely fine so again just shrugged it off.

Fast forward to August 9th 2017 I noticed my hair was starting to fall out. I have pretty thick hair that normally doesn’t fall out in big clumps… well the amount I was loosing was crazy , I ended up with a large bald patch . To me straight away I thought ” oh its probably stress alopecia” because I had been extremely stressed for the past few months. My sister is a hair dresser so I called her to come take a look at my hair .

Once my sister arrived she said it doesn’t look like alopecia to her but I should get a doctors appointment to get some answers. Then she asked the question which got me thinking ” is there any chance you could be pregnant?”. Impossible,I’m on the pill there’s no way I’m pregnant. Then I started thinking back, the dizziness ,the headaches ,the nausea ,the sore boobs… oh snap.. maybe I am?

Fast forward to the next morning when I’d bought a test. Now if you’ve ever done a test yourself you’ll know the 3 minuets seems like an age. So at about 10:30am I’ve woken up needing a wee, perfect I’ll do the test and prove I’m not pregnant. Waiting those 3 minutes was agonising. Ding ding ding we have a winner 2 Blue lines ping up like lights on a Christmas tree. I went into my mums room to show her and to make sure I’m not having line eyes, nope definitely positive .

Then it hit me , I’ve been taking my pill everyday , what if I’ve harmed the baby? So we got a doctors appointment straight away. He confirmed I’m pregnant with a test and then explained the hair loss. I was overdosed on hormones from being 7 weeks pregnant roughly and still taking my pill , but he didn’t think it would have done any harm. Fast forward a few more days and I had my first midwife appointment and a date for my scan, everything is getting real now!

I’ll continue the story on a new post about my scans!

Blue’s Mummy.

The start of it all.

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