Two days before Blue was born…

Thursday 11th January I was sat on my bed at about 4am and I started getting pain in my lower abdomen and back. At first I didn’t think anything of it as there was no bleeding etc but then the pains started making me cry so I woke my mum up. She said to call maternity which I did , they then passed me over to bath ruh who made me go in.

I called my partner at work and explained what was happening and said how we needed to pick him up to go to the hospital. We got to his work at 5:30am and headed straight for the hospital. Once we got to the hospital at around 6am I was taken straight in and hooked up to the monitor for 20 minuets. Blue’s heart rate was fine and so was mine but I was still getting pains. They couldn’t pick up contractions on the monitor so I stayed on it for an hour in total.

The doctor came round and said they were going to examine me when another doctor is free. Then came change over… a new doctor came on and she wasn’t the nicest woman , came straight in putting her hands all over my stomach pushing really hard to feel babies placement. She then decided they weren’t going to examine me and proceeded to send me home telling me it was Brixton hicks and is completely normal.

Being a first time mum I wasn’t sure if it was normal or not so I went home. I was still getting the pains but as I was told they were Brixton hicks I went to bed. The pains stopped and I managed to get a full nights sleep.

Okay so I’ll leave the next part to the next post as it’s the day before his birth and it’s pretty lengthy.

Blue’s Mummy.

Before they sent me home.

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