The day before my life changed forever…

Friday 12th January 2018 after being sent home from hospital Thursday I spent the night fast asleep not remembering the pains…. until they started again. This time the pain was worse and I had my show. I called the hospital and explained what happened to be told ” it’s normal ” , I stood my ground and said the pains are worse so the called me back in.

When we arrived back at the hospital I waited for the midwife to hook me up to the monitor again. Yet again the contractions couldn’t be picked up , so the midwife got a doctor to feel my tummy. The doctor could feel the contractions so decided I needed to be examined. A new doctor came and did some swabs then the examination. I was 3cm dilated and they could see his head. That’s when everything got scary.

Suddenly I was having a cannula put in each hand, a steroid injection in my leg , tablets to stop the contractions or to try slow labour down all while I was being spoken to by my midwife and the neonatal nurse who explained what was going to happen to Blue if I had him. I was then moved into a high dependency birthing suite where I had antibiotics and magnesium via a drip. Now the magnesium was for babies brain and the steroids were for his lungs to help mature them a bit.

In the high dependency birthing suite I was checked on every 15 minutes so sleep was out of the question. I had the nicest midwife looking after me who made sure any questions I had were answered and made sure I had anything I needed. I was given more tablets to stop labour which actually slowed contractions to an hour apart which made me think labour was stopping and he’d be in there a few more weeks. I can’t even explain what was going through my head whilst all this was happening , my anxiety went sky high and I thought I’d loose our little boy.

I think in total I had about 2 hours sleep in between checks which wasn’t great. Charley the midwife left at 8am on Saturday and just before she went she said ” I think you’ll have had him by the time I start my shift at 8pm” .

A rather short post but next comes his birth and the emotions run high.

Blue’s Mummy.

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