Our first lot of bad news…

On the 15th of January we went down from the ward to visit Blue and see how he was getting on. Everything seemed fine , he was on my breast milk meaning his fluids could slowly be decreased and the nurses seemed happy with him.

Everyday in nicu the doctors came to do their rounds , this is where they examine all the babies , see how they’re doing , run some tests and make a clear treatment plan. While up on the ward I missed most of these due to drug rounds or trying to catch some zzz’s which meant I didn’t get told about hoe Blue is doing until late morning.

On the day after he was born the doctors were super happy with him which we expected to be the same today. Nope we were completely wrong. The doctors came round and their faces told us something was wrong. They looked concerned and nervous to speak to us. That’s when they pulled me and my partner into a private room away from everyone else.

They told us they have some news which needs to be said in private away from the other parents. This instantly made us worry. We sat down with the doctor and two of his nurses on this small private room waiting to be told what was going on. ” we did a routine brain scan which all premature babies have and I’m afraid I have some news”

Blue has had 2 intraventricular haemorrhages ( two bleeds on his brain ). One was a grade 3 and one was a grade 4 which are the worst grades they could be. Our hearts shattered. I couldn’t stop crying which made it super hard to process anything the doctor was saying. She explained that this means Blue needed regular brain scans to monitor the bleeds and if they didn’t start to heal themselves and absorb then a lumbar puncture or brain drain would be needed.

How can you possibly process that , at just two days old your precious little baby has had two serious bleeds which could be life threatening. We went back into his room and sat with him for hours just trying to process the news we’d been given.

Sadly this was the first of a few bad news days….

Until next time.

Blue’s Mummy.

1 thought on “Our first lot of bad news…”

  1. Your story is so amazing. I can’t imagine what it was like going through all of this 💕

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