The reason I haven’t written in awhile…

So you might be thinking ” it’s been awhile since a new post went up”…correct and I’m here to tell you the reason why.

As you’re aware my journey has not been easy and going from having the support of an entire medical team to just myself and family was shocking but I coped up until the end of April. I suddenly stopped and thought about everything which led to me becoming a bit down.

Now I just thought it was a phase and would disappear in a week or so… I was wrong , my mood didn’t improve and I didn’t feel like myself at all so I forced myself to the doctors. I sat sobbing my heart out explaining absolutely everything to him. He thought it would get better in time as well so gave me 2 weeks to see if I improve.

Fast forward to my check up after two weeks and I’m no better. He diagnoses me with PTSD, Anxiety and depression. Wow… how is this possible? I didn’t think I had any of those but I guess sometimes all it takes is talking to the right person.

I have been put on medication to help my symptoms and so far so good they’re definitely working. I will be back blogging soon and continuing our story!

If anyone ever suffers with mental health issues and feels alone please reach out and email me because you’re not alone and no one should suffer in silence!

Blue’s Mummy x

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